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We publish 20,000 copies per week, distribute FREE to Vietnamese community at more than 300 locations in Melbourne and Sydney suburbs.

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For over 25 years, we have helped thousands of businesses connecting to Vietnamese community with effective advertising campaign.


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Read VietNews newspaper in electronic form. We update this section weekly after the newspaper is printed and published offline.


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Our designers and writers are committed to producing quality work, while our social media team providing you with a ‘one-stop’ advertising and marketing solution for your business.

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Most popular Vietnamese newspaper

VietNews has been serving the community since 1989, and is the only Free Vietnamese newspaper publishing in both Melbourne and Sydney.

We distribute our publications through a variety of highly effective channels. Copies of VietNews are distributed through the following:

  • Supplied FREE to all advertisers to present to their clients/customers.
  • Given away FREE at the main Vietnamese shopping and business centre.
  • Can be read online through vietnews.com.au

VietNews has a great connection within the Vietnamese community. We actively involve in many events, such as: Festivals, fundraisings, the iconic Saigon Welcome Arch project, concerts, entertainment, business associations, etc.

Compare to other Vietnamese newspaper, we have:

Lowest advertising rate
Highest distribution
Excel media plan

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Start your next advertising campaign, targeting the Vietnamese-background customers living in Melbourne and Sydney.

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core demo of 28-48 years old

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